What Cigar Accessories Do I Need?

What Cigar Accessories Do I Need?

Covering all the basic accessory needs for the cigar smoker

So you love cigars and wonder what type of accessories are out there for your stogies. Cigars are more than a past time, they are a passion for many people. There are so many different types and flavors of cigars available and it comes along with a large and sometimes confusing assortment of different accessories. We will cover the basic accessories and what they do. It's important to know your accessories because it can make the difference between a good cigar experience and a bad one.

    1. Cigar Humidors - Easily one of the most important cigar accessories out there. This is where you will keep and store your cigars. Having the right setup is crucial because you have to keep your humidity levels at or around 70% for optimal flavor retention and freshness. There are gauges (hygrometers) to monitor the humidity levels and devices (humidifiers) to keep moisture in the air. We will cover these items further down the list. Let's not forget about design and function. There a lot of different types and styles of humidors to choose from. Above all, the first and most important thing a humidor must do is keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke.
    2. Cigar Tubes - These are very handy and is something every cigar aficionado should have in their collection. They are a cylinder tube that can hold one or more cigars and are designed to take on the go with you. They prevent damage to your cigar, help keep it fresh and is a fantastic portable storage solution. You can get some that have a hygrometer and a humidifier built in for the ultimate solution to traveling with cigars.
    3. Cigar Cutters - An absolute must have for any cigar smoker. When cigars are made, they are fully wrapped at the end you will draw smoke through. Therefore, you must cut the end off or punch a hole with a cigar punch to allow smoke to be drawn through. Cutters come in many different types and sizes. There are tabletop cutters, which are a lot bigger and are meant to be on a desk or table. There is also the guillotine cutter which uses one or two blades to nip the end off and a cigar punch which punches a hole at the end. Most can be kept on a keychain or in a pocket. Again, this is something every cigar smoker should have.
    4. Cigar Cases - These sure are handy for keeping your cigars from being crushed or broken and can help keep them fresh too. A lot of cigar cases are made with a cedar lining which helps keep the cigars fresh and enhance their natural flavor while being stored. There are a vast amount of designs and styles available for these and are an absolute must have for taking your cigars with you on the go.
    5. Cigar Humidifiers - These are used to keep moisture in the air inside of a humidor, case or tube. A traditional humidifier is a sponge inside a container that you soak with water or humidifier solution and is the most common type of humidifier. There are gel humidfiers which are designed to give off a perfect 70% humidity and come in different containers and sizes. Last but certainly not least are electronic humidifiers. These use both gel and sponge technology, are the most expensive and are the best humidifiers to use for serious cigar smokers.
    6. Cigar Hygrometers - Hygrometers are gauges that measure the moisture or humidity in the air. They are commonly used in humidors and in some cases and tubes. Measuring the moisture in the air is crucial because you want to ideally keep your humidity levels right around 70%. This is the best humidity levels to store your cigars at and will keep them fresh and ready to smoke. These are a very handy, and some would say necessary, accessory to have on hand when it comes to storing your cigars properly.

This guideline is to help you understand the function of all the different accessories relating to cigars. Our goal is to help cigar smokers understand their options and enhance their smoking experience. You can click on any of the above links to see actual products with descriptions. Some of the accessories are optional but some are a must have for the serious cigar smoker who cares about having the best tasting cigar and an excellent smoking experience.

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