Should I Use An Electric or Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Should I Use An Electric Or Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine?

When shopping for a cigarette rolling machine, you are faced with many different types and styles. So which one do you choose? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. How many cigarettes a day are you planning on making? How fast do you want to make the cigarettes? How easy do you want the cigarette making process to be? These are some of the questions you'll have to know the answer to so you can make an educated choice. First, we'll start with the different types and styles of cigarette rolling machines.

Electric and manual are the two main types of cigarette rolling machines. The electric type has an auger and spoon fed style. The manual type has a spoon fed style.

Auger styles use a spring that rotates and is located at the bottom of a tobacco hopper. With this style, you generally slide a cigarette tube on the sleeve and turn the machine on. As the auger spring rotates, it transfers the tobacco into the cigarette tube. This style is exclusive to electric types and usually has adjustment settings such as density and speed. This is the least reliable of all the styles because the auger spring can sometimes cut up the tobacco a little too fine during the process of packing the cigarette tubes. The result can be tobacco that won't stay in the cigarette tube very well due to being cut too fine.

Spoon fed styles have a long, half circle spoon that is 2-4 inches in length and almost the same width as a cigarette tube. This spoon sits at the bottom of the tobacco chamber and will slide the tobacco up into your cigarette tube as the machine is engaged. This style is available on both the manual and electric types of cigarette rolling machines. This style is very reliable, easy to use and will make great cigarettes.

So now which one do you choose? Well, generally speaking, the electric machines will make a cigarette faster and easier. The manual machines come in table top models and portable hand models. These machines are easy to use but if you want to make large quantities of cigarettes, you are better off with an electric type machine. You can still make large amounts of cigarettes with a manual type, it will just take a little longer and require a little more effort. With electric machines, you usually just push a button or pull a small lever down. Manual machines require you to either slide the injector forward yourself or slide over a larger lever from left to right or vice versa depending on the machine. Electric cigarette machines almost always make King and 100's size cigarettes. With Manual cigarette machines, you can choose a model that makes King size, 100's size or both King and 100's size cigarettes. There are usually switches on the manual cigarette machines that allow you to switch between sizes. Be sure to always follow your cigarette rolling machine directions.

Overall, both the manual and electric cigarette rolling machines have a very solid construction. You'll pay a little more for the electric machines because they are a little easier to use and make cigarettes faster. If this is not of great importance to you, then a manual table top cigarette rolling machine will work just fine. If you plan on making large quantities of cigarettes daily, it is recommended that you use an electric cigarette rolling machine. Many people will also purchase a small portable hand model along with their electric or manual table top model. This makes it easy and convenient to roll your own cigarettes anywhere.

It's important to note that the process of making your own cigarettes is very, very easy. In no time at all you will be saving a big amount of money by rolling your own cigarettes.

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