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Cigarette Savers

Save money by saving your cigarettes! Cigarette Savers are a great way to store your unfinished cigarettes and keep them in your pack of cigarettes. These cigarette saver tubes are a cigarette shaped cylinder with an air tight compartment that will extinguish your cigarette instantly when you put it in and close the cap. These will not stink up your cigarette pack because the smell is completely contained within the cigarette saver tube. Now you don't have to waste a cigarette because you can store it until you are ready to fininsh it.

  • Cig Jig Cigarette Saver Cig Jig Cigarette Saver

    Cig Jig Cigarette Saver

    The Cigarette Saver allows you to store your unfinished cigarette until you are ready to finish it. This will prevent you from having to throw away your cigarettes and save you money in the long run. Simply put your lit cigarette in the cigarette saver...

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