How To Roll Your Own Cigarettes

 How To Roll Your Own Cigarettes: What Are My Options?

How do I make my own cigarettes? What options are available and what do i use to make them? These are some of the questions you may have once you have decided to start rolling your own cigarettes. Rolling your own cigarettes is a great way to save money and enjoy better quality cigarettes. It allows you to use your choice of tobacco, rolling papers or cigarette tubes and the freedom to make cigarettes whenever and wherever you want.

There are really only two ways to make your own cigarettes. You can use a cigarette roller or a cigarette rolling machine (also known as a cigarette injector machine). A cigarette roller comes in both automatic and manual styles and will use rolling papers to make a finished cigarette. A cigarette rolling machine will come in manual and electric styles and will use cigarette tubes to make a finished cigarette.

The basic idea behind the cigarette roller is to put your choice of rolling tobacco into a chamber, insert a rolling paper and either use your hands to manually roll the cigarette roller or pull down the lid on the automatic models which then rolls the cigarette for you. These are very popular because of their compact size and ease of use. They generally come in three sizes, 70mm, 79mm, and 110mm. To give you an idea of the sizes these cigarette rollers come in, we will give you a close size comparison. The 70mm size will make a cigarette that is close in size to the traditional filterless cigarette. The 79mm will make a cigarette that is close in size to a traditional King size cigarette. The 110mm will make a cigarette close in size to a traditional 100mm cigarette. To read more information on cigarette sizes, please see our page on cigarette sizes here. You can also roll these cigarettes with a cigarette filter tip or rolling paper tip too. Some people choose to just roll a filterless cigarette as well. You have many options when using this method which is why so many people choose to make their cigarettes this way.

The process behind a cigarette rolling machine is quite simple. You fill the chamber in the machine with your favorite cigarette rolling tobacco, put your choice of cigarette tube on and engage the machine to inject the tobacco up into the cigarette tube. You can use an electric machine, which engages by pulling a lever down or pushing a button, or a manual machine which requires the user to manually inject the cigarette tube by sliding the injector forward or pulling a lever from one side to the other. Electric machines are easier and more convenient than manual injectors. Electric machines also usually cost more than the manual injectors. The manual injectors also come in a small compact size that can easily travel in a pocket or purse. When making cigarettes using a cigarette rolling machine, you have the option of using either King size or 100mm cigarette tubes. These tubes already have a filter attached to it. Sometimes it can be confusing trying to imagine what a cigarette tube looks like. So think of it this way: If you took a store bought cigarette and removed all of the tobacco out of it, you would have a cigarette tube. See our Helpful Tips For Cigarette Rolling Machines page for some great tips and tricks when using these machines.

Which one do I use? Well, this is usually a personal preference but we have some general guidelines that might help you in the decision process. Cigarette rollers are great for making a pack or less of cigarettes a day. This is great if you don't mind spending time rolling cigarettes, you're not in a big hurry or like to roll your cigarettes as you smoke them. A cigarette rolling machine generally makes cigarette faster, are great for making a big quantity of cigarettes in a short time (especially when using an electric machine), and are better suited for people who like convenience and smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day. Once again, these are general guidelines and the only way to find out which method is better for you is by trying it. Some people prefer one method over the other and some people end up using both methods. Either way, it's nice to have the option to save some money and make your own cigarettes which are much better in quality.

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