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Top Rolling Papers

Top rolling papers are a very well known brand popular for their excellent quality of cigarette papers. Imported from France, these rolling papers can easily be recognized by their bright yellow packaging and their unique logo. You can roll these Top cigarette papers with a cigarette filter tip, rolling paper tip or just using the cigarette paper only. Go ahead and get yourself some Top rolling papers and a cigarette roller to make your rolling experience easier and faster.

  • Top Single Wide Rolling Papers

    Top Single Wide Rolling Papers

    The Top Single Wide Rolling Papers are made with the high quality of the French traditions. These natural gummed rolling papers are very popular with people who roll their own cigarettes. Top is very well known and has made an exceptional product for a...

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  • Top 1 1/2 Rolling Papers

    Top 1 1/2 Rolling Papers

    These Top 1 1/2 Rolling Papers are made in France and have long been a favorite among the roll your own community. Manufactured with the highest quality, these natural, gummed rolling papers will offer you an even, slow burning cigarette that is very...

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