Difference Between a Cigarette Roller and a Cigarette Rolling Machine?

What's The Difference Between a Cigarette Roller and a Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Cigarette rollers and cigarette rolling machines both make cigarettes, yet are very different from one another. There are many differing factors including size, price, portability, etc. that we will go over and clarify for you. This will help you decide which one would be a better fit for your particular situation.

Cigarette rollers:

  • Are small and compact
  • Use your hands to assist the roller in making a great cigarette (except for the automatic model which just closes a lid)
  • Use only rolling papers to make cigarettes
  • Offer manual and automatic models
  • Make cigarettes slower than a cigarette rolling machine
  • Are exceptionally portable making it easier to take with you on-the-go
  • Can use a filter tip, paper tip, or no tip when rolling a cigarette
  • Come in 70mm, 79mm and 110mm sizes. See our Cigarette Sizes page to help explain the different sizes
  • Are very affordable
  • Are made of metal or plastic

Cigarette rolling machines:

  • Are generally larger than cigarette rollers. (There are smaller, compact cigarette rolling machines as well)
  • Use only cigarette tubes to make cigarettes
  • Offer manual and electric models. Some can make 2 or 3 cigarettes at once
  • Make cigarettes much faster and easier than cigarette rollers
  • Can make king size (84mm) and 100's size (100mm) cigarettes
  • Are generally more expensive than cigarette rollers, but offer a much better long term investment and will often offer some kind of warranty
  • Are made of metal or plastic

The process of using a cigarette roller is quite simple. You add a filter tip or paper tip to one end if you desire, spread tobacco evenly after the paper or filter tip (if used), and then place your rolling paper in place. At this point you would either start to roll the machine with your fingers or close the lid on automatic models.

The process of using a cigarette rolling machine is even simpler than a cigarette roller. You add your tobacco evenly to the chamber, place a cigarette tube on the tip and engage the machine to inject the tobacco into the cigarette tube. If you are using a manual cigarette machine, you will slide a lever from one side to the other or forward and back (depending on the model). If you are using an electric cigarette rolling machine, you will either pull a lever down or push a button to inject the cigarette tube (much easier than the manual models).

These are the main differences between the types of cigarette makers. So which one is right for you? If you like to make cigarettes at leisure and aren't trying to make a large amount of cigarettes daily, then the cigarette roller would work fine. If you are trying to make cigarettes quickly and plan on making a larger amount of cigarettes (a pack or more a day) it is recommended to go with a cigarette rolling machine. Electric cigarette rolling machines are the largest investment, but make cigarettes faster and easier than any other cigarette maker.

Many people like to do both. Some do like the feeling of rolling a cigarette when they have time, but like to have a cigarette rolling machine for when they have to make a large amount of cigarettes quickly. The choice is up to you, but either way you will be saving money by using a cigarette roller or cigarette rolling machine.

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